Lerdeaux One-handed Keyboarding Program is for persons who want to learn keyboarding (commonly called typing) with one hand, whether using the right or left hand.

Work at your own pace by starting with simple exercises and gradually learning more difficult keystrokes on a standard keyboard.  The Lerdeaux Program also keeps track of keyboarding accuracy for each page of each lesson; thus, you can check your progress after each lesson.

This program is suitable for persons of any age who wants to learn how to use the keyboard effectively with one hand.

Historical Note

About one hundred years ago touch typewriting was introduced to persons using a new office product called a typewriter and presently is being used by persons doing keyboarding when using a computer.  This procedure has enabled typists and keyboard users to secure greater speed and accuracy in their work.  Keyboarding is a distinct asset for anyone to know—and how to operate a computer properly—by the touch system.


The Lerdeaux One-handed Keyboarding Program is ideal for Vocational, Occupational and Rehabilitation Therapists and their clients who have lost full or partial use of one hand with special emphasis on learning how to use the "touch system" with a standard computer keyboard.  Also, Special Education Teachers will find this program helpful in teaching word processing (commonly called typing) on a standard keyboard, to students who have the use of one and/or partial use of one hand.


The twenty-one lessons in this program are designed for those who are physically challenged by having the use only of one hand and/or partial use of one hand.  The lessons are patterned to compare with two-handed keyboarding.  In a sense, one-handed keyboarding should be less difficult to master because only half as many fingers must be disciplined to reach various keys.  Therefore, a student who masters one-handed keyboarding should feel confident to compete with persons who use two hands while keyboarding.

This program can be used with the following popular operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
  • Solaris